The Daily Bale and the mysterious ‘UAF turtle beating’

turtleIt just carries on, doesn’t it Joshua? I was shocked to read this story on your site, claiming that a UAF member had bludgeoned a turtle to death in Norwich – after all, we all love animals don’t we?

And of course, you name the man (someone else who’s pissed you off?).

Such a shame then that you invented this story (no, surely not, not another one?)

Because although this incident DID happen, it happened in June, and in America.

So you changed the facts, the location and named someone else you have a pathetic grudge against? You managed to get the photograph rtight, so i guess you should get some brownie points for that, although more stupidity points for making it easy for me to find the original story.

Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story though eh?