Left Wing woman cuts off cats head “for fun”

He really made an idiot out of himself with this post…

Daily Bale

The Left Wing are always pleased to support animal rights activists at demonstrations and marches but what we don’t often hear about is when the Left abuse animals. Image

A sickening story from Bedfordshire England has emerged where 22 year old disabled woman Leigh Quantrill has been alleged to have remove the head of her pet cat with a knife, claiming it was “for fun”.

Quantrill who runs disability website http://www.leighquantrill.com suffers from a rare form of genetic deformity that manifests itself as a facial error. In may of last year, this woman decided to take her cat into the garden and cut it’s head off with a household knife.

After local residents discovered what she had done, 22 year old Quantrill fled to france where she spends her time marching in Left-Wing demonstrations and UAD type meetings.

Leigh Quantrill’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/leigh.quantrill.3

Business Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/LeighQuantrillcom/214120415283471

IP Address:

Further evidence has…

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Woman who stole from Lee Rigby’s Grave named as Nikki Pilkington

And he’s back – poor little boy…

Daily Bale

After a nation stood united in grieving against the loss of Hero Lee Rigby who was murdered by Islamic extremists in Woolwich, Nikki Pilkington from Irthlingborough took the opportunity to steal from his grave

Labour Party activist and UAF spokesperson, Nikki Pilkington who runs the internet marketing business http://www.nikkipilkington.com last night was named as the woman who stole from Lee RIgby’s Grave.


In total, a teddy bear left by Rigby’s son, Jack and a fresh set of flowers were removed from the grave leaving the family emotionally distressed and ‘upset’ by the theft.

Nikki’s Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/nikkipilkington

Nikki’s Facebook business page: https://www.facebook.com/internetmarketingbynikki

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Joshua Bonehill and my sister Maggie Chapman

Yet another of The Daily Bale’s fake stories – this time against my step sister Maggie Chapman who challenged Joshua Bonehill over him allegedly pocketing Lee Rigby charity money.

Daily Bale

Maggie Chapman is a Left-Wing Troll who has been posing as a UKIP official in an attempt to dismantle the UKIP and right-wing community on facebook. This vile specimen has been targeting the Daily Bale and anybody associated with it for some time using her fake accounts and web of lies. Now the Daily Bale exposes here:


She’s the adorable old lady from Scotland that claims to be a traditional UKIP supporter and chairman of a local UKIP branch but this is in fact untrue.

Let’s firstly establish where Maggie stands with UKIP

Maggie Was the former election agent to Peter Hollings, a candidate from Bridgewater in somerset. It was in Bridgewater where Maggie was kicked out of UKIP for pretending to be the chairman covering the whole of somerset, she boasted online about how she controlled UKIP in the south west and set up a number of fake facebook…

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The Daily Bale and the mysterious ‘UAF turtle beating’

turtleIt just carries on, doesn’t it Joshua? I was shocked to read this story on your site, claiming that a UAF member had bludgeoned a turtle to death in Norwich – after all, we all love animals don’t we?

And of course, you name the man (someone else who’s pissed you off?).

Such a shame then that you invented this story (no, surely not, not another one?)

Because although this incident DID happen, it happened in June, and in America.

So you changed the facts, the location and named someone else you have a pathetic grudge against? You managed to get the photograph rtight, so i guess you should get some brownie points for that, although more stupidity points for making it easy for me to find the original story.

Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story though eh?


The Daily Bale is being investigated for their latest hoax

More police investigations?

My Little Underground

I blogged yesterday that the Daily Bale has returned after a week or so to carry on their hateful campaign of libel under the pretense of ‘new owners’ when in fact, it’s still clearly Joshua Bonehill  running the thing.

Yesterday they posted this story about a baby being beaten up by an ‘Asian yob’ in Teesside. It’s a complete and utter hoax that’s now under investigation by Cleveland Police, and has been discredited even by EDL, UKIP and others on the far-right as being a lie.

This however does mean yet another legal investigation into Bonehill. These investigations are mounting up and if they’ve got any sense then they’ll close Bonehill down as soon as possible.


Bonehill,  or one of his decreasing circle of friends have just done this.




The posts have been reported.

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